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6. update beta verze 3. knihy Malifaux 2E

Update s datem 04.03.2015.

Původně měl beta test končit tento pátek (06.03.2015), nakonec ale bude prodloužen o týden a bude tedy trvat až do pátku příštího (13.03.2015).

Nové modely


Wind Gamin

  • Added “by friendlt models” to To The Sky

Ice Dancer

  • Ice Path upped to TN 15, made once per Turn

Ironclad Conflux

  • Reduced pulse to 6, TN to 15


Brutal Emissary

  • Added “in LoS” to Back In The Box

Sanctioned Spellcaster

  • Added “during this model’s Activation” to NO GIVE ME ANOTHER CHA

Conflux of Tyranny

  • Amazing rhetoric rewritten



  • A Rythym to Those Who Hunger made a Tactical Action


  • Removed push from this thing shoots



  • Obscene Preparations rewritten


Scion of the Void

  • Damage from Whispers From the Nothing may not be reduced or prevented
  • Empty Lessons rewritten

Big Jake

  • Consult the ancestors is two cards



  • Gravity Well rewritten
  • Clockwork Dress made into a (0)

Ten Thunders

  • Aspect of the Dragon rewritten for clarity


  • Lots of name changes

Carrion Emissary

  • Shard of Kythera ends at end of Turn, reduced Rg to 6
  • The flesh crawls increased to rg 6
  • Rot and Rend reduced to Rg 6
  • Epidemic replaced with infect

Conflux of Death

  • Grave Peril rewritten


Note: the marked page numbers are off, this will fix itself when compressed into the final book

Pg. 44
  • Adding a Master clarified that the Master’s cost cannot be reduced
Pg. 45
  • Weekly Events cap at 6 scrip maximum
Pg. 46
  • They Ride rewritte
  • Ancient Monument added placement restrictions
  • Carnivorous Plants rewritten
  • Saloon rewritten as Bar
Pg. 47
  • Guild Patrol, peacekeeper may come in later
  • Forbidden text rewritten
Pg. 48
  • Junkyard, added close range
  • A Bullet With Your Name, flip additional eventA Sinner’s Prayer upped to 3 Scrip
Pg. 49
  • Fate Favors the Bold, only counts opposed duels with enemies
  • Wandering Mercenary lowered to 7 cost
Pg. 52
  • Payday, added section on Scrip
Pg. 55
  • Improved Reach, upped SS cost to 1
  • Dynamite, added Annihilate this Upgrade
  • Relic Hammer, reduced Ml to 6
  • Gatling Gun, reduced BR to 13
  • Those Who Thirst, reduced BR to 14, upped SS cost to 2
Pg. 56
  • Switched Phase 4: Purchase Bounties with Phase 5: Make a Reward flip (now you flip for a reward and see what you get before deciding if you want a new Bounty)
Pg. 57
  • Modified barrel reduced to 4”
  • My Own Concoction, added a resist and…a range (how did I miss that?)
  • Tools of the Trade lowered healing to 2
  • Field Repairs is a (2) Action and does 4 damage
Pg. 58
  • Echoes of madness is once per game
  • Aetheric feed discards 2 cards
Pg. 59
  • Generic chart “any” avatar replaced with Favors of Treachery
  • Favors of Death rewritten
  • Minion maximum Injury increased to 2
Pg. 68
  • Entire page of Optional Rules added
Pg. 70-72
  • Hide Outs updated to reflect last week’s changes

Zaměření beta testu tento týden

Nové modely

  • Carrion Emissary
  • Hayreddin
  • Sparks


  • Balance of the individual Campaign Upgrades (skills and equipment)

Do kampaně ještě pravděpodobně přibudou další volitelná pravidla (v knize stále ještě zbývá jedna volná stránka). Momentálně se jedná o toto pravidlo:
  • A table where models with Injuries could go to the doctor/mechanic to try to modify their Injuries

03.03.2015 beta verze 3. knihy Malifaux 2E


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