úterý 3. března 2015

March FAQ 2015


Core Rules Questions

Q: If two models are engaged, and one of them wishes to take a Walk Action which will result in it no longer being in LoS of the model it is engaged with (without actually leaving the engagement range) will this provoke a disengaging strike?

A: No. Disengaging strikes only occur if the model intends to leave the engagement range. Although the models will no longer be engaged once their LoS to each other is broken, no disengaging strike occurs unless the model is also leaving the engagement range.

Actions/Abilities Found Across Multiple Factions

Q: If a model has an Action or Ability which can copy an Action on another model but has a stipulation that the copied Action may not list any models by name (such as Just Like You! on the Malifaux Child), does that include Conditions contained within the copied Action which list a model by name (such as Protection of Metal on the Metal Gamin)? Also, can Actions be copied which force the player to name a specific model but do not list one? (For example, Nicodem’s Re-animator Action says to “name a Resurrectionist Minion Undead model,” but does not actually list one by name.)

A: Actions such as Just Like You! which copy other Actions which do not list a model by name may not take either sort of Action. Conditions which are part of an Action’s text are considered to be a part of the Action for this purpose, so it does not matter where the model is listed by name. In the case of Actions such as Re-animator, naming a model is a part of the Action, so it again breaks the “may not list a model by name” restriction.


Q: How does the timing for the Safe In My Bed Trigger work? When does The Dreamer discard his card, is it before or after determining damage? Will defensive Abilities such as Impossible To Wound come into play for the Nightmare which suffers the effects?

A: The card is discarded after determining that The Dreamer lost the duel but before determining any damage. Safe In My Bed does not use any of the keywords which have a specific timing in the book, so it must be applied when it says, which is “after an Attack Action succeeds against this model,” so immediately after the duel, but before determining damage. If the new target has any defensive Abilities such as Impossible to Wound or Armor, apply them as normal. However, things which happen when determining a target, such as Terrifying, will not come into play.

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