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Malifaux 7-6-16 FAQ & Leveticus and Malifaux Rat Errata


Action/Abilities Found Acros Multiple Factions

If a model with the Stalk Action is engaged and it has the opportunity to Walk due to the Stalked Condition, does it have to declare that the Walk will take it as close to its target as possible, triggering a disengaging strike, or can it end the Walk at the edge of engagement?
The model with Stalk must declare that the Walk will end as close to the model with the Condition as possible. If this results in a disengaging strike, then the strike proceeds as normal. Ending the Walk at the edge of engagement is not an option if it is capable of getting closer by leaving.

Some models have Actions or Abilities which create Hazardous Terrain. If another model is killed by one of these Actions or Abilities, does it count as being killed by the model with the Action or Ability for Strategy and Scheme purposes?
If the model creates Hazardous terrain around itself with an Aura, then it counts as having killed any models which are killed as a result of the Aura (i.e. a model which is killed by Jaakuna Ubume’s Drowning In Her Wake Ability counts as killed by Jaakuna Ubume). However, if the model creates separate Markers which are Hazardous, any models killed by those Markers count as having been killed by neither Crew (i.e. Hungry Land Markers generated by the Mysterious Emissary).

If a model is engaged and attempts to leave, but is stopped by a disengaging strike, would it have to perform a Horror Duel if it is engaged with a model with the Terrifying Ability?**
No. The disengaging strike section states “the model may not perform the Walk Action.” Since it cannot end an Action it did not perform, a Horror Duel is not necessary for ending a Walk Action engaged with a Terrifying model.


If the Dreamer uses the Safe In My Bed Trigger to force a Nightmare to suffer the effects of an Attack which may only target Leaders, do the effects still take place? For example, Somer’s Bigger Hat Than You Action.
Yes, the Action would still happen as normal, simply with the Nightmare as the new target. In the case of Bigger Hat Than You, the Nightmare’s controller would still discard her hand.



Leveticus: Dropped Cache to 1 and Channel Ability rewritten.

Malifaux Rat: Added Hamelin’s Pets Ability.

Malifaux FAQ & Errata

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