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Březnové FAQ

Core Rules Questions

Q: If a model’s Activation is ended by an Action or an Ability, what happens? What if it was not Activating?
A: If a model is performing its Activation and its Activation is ended by an Action or Ability, then the model’s Activation immediately ends. It may not take any further Actions, resolve any of its Triggers which have not happened yet (even if they were declared), or do anything else that happens during its Activation; it moves to the end Activation step. If an Action or Ability which ends a model’s Activation is applied to a model outside of its Activation (such as during an Action caused by Obey) there is no effect.


Q: What is the timing of Sloth’s “Just Lay Down” Trigger?
A: Just Lay Down happens “after this model fails” which is the same as “after failing,” so the Trigger would take place after step 5 (the Attacker has applied results).


Q: The Changeling’s Copycat Ability allows them to take the Attacks of other models; how does this affect their engagement range?
A: It does not. Actions which Changelings may be able to take due to Copycat are not factored in when determing whether a model is engaged for the purposes of disengaging strikes, shooting into combat, etc.

Q: If Pandora uses Self Loathing/Self Harm and gets a damage result with one or more Blast Symbols, are the blasts applied?
A: Yes, so long as the Blast Symbol is a part of the damage track.

Ten Thunders

Q: If Sensei Yu has the Promising Disciple Upgrade, and Hans discards one of Shenlong’s Upgrades, can Sensei Yu attach it?
A: No. Sensei Yu may attach Upgrades discarded by Shenlong; the Upgrade was discarded by Hans.

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