pátek 5. února 2016

Wyrdí únorový zpravodaj


January has come and gone, and it's given us a good look at the year ahead. We've got a number of exciting things in the works, and we are looking forward to sharing them all with you.

February is seeing the first translations of Malifaux into other languages as well as our first local game store promotion of the year. We've got new releases, new contests, and new media.
We are very happy to announce that both the Italian and the Spanish translations of Malifaux Second Edition will be available very soon. In the not too distant future, French and German versions will also be available.

We hope that these translations make the game more accessible to the growing communities we already have around the world. With the impending release of these translations, this is a great time to sign up to be a Henchman to help support the game in your local communities.
Tales of Malifaux #23 is now available for listening! This continues our Breachside Broadcast podcast.
Bad Moon Rising is our newest Through the Breach One Shot adventure. You can download it for only $5.

Here's a look at our next two months of releases:

February Releases - Street Date 2/26
March Releases - Street Date 3/25

Additionally, the next edition of our free magazine, Wyrd Chronicles, will be releasing later this month! Stay tuned for announcements about its availability.
Through 2015, we did regular promotions that helped support local gaming stores (LGS). We are continuing that this year, with a plan to have a promotion every month this year, starting in February.

This month's promotion is a red plastic Coryphee Duet that you can receive if you spend $75 or more on Malifaux product at your local game store. You can find the full details here.

Next month will see the inclusion of a random model from the purple Dark Debts box set into Black Blood Shaman boxes. More details on next month's promotion will be forthcoming.
In addition to our monthly promotions, we are also hosting monthly community contests on our forum. These contests are a chance to show off your different skills for a chance to win some prizes.

The February community contest focuses on building your own Malifaux proxy, but every month will be different! You can find the full details here.
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