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M2E FAQ & Errata 9-1-15

Core Rules Questions

Q: If a model is pushed off of an edge high enough to necessitate a fall, does it fall immediately? Could it be pushed far enough to reach another surface of equal height (assuming there was such a surface)?
A: Models which fall, fall immediately. The model would be pushed off of the ledge and then immediately fall and take any necessary falling damage upon reaching the ground. Then, if there is any distance left required by the push (and the model is still in play), it will push the remaining distance.

Q: If a model on a 30mm base is positioned perfectly on top of a 30mm Scheme Marker such that the Marker is completely covered, can other models draw LoS to the Scheme Marker?
A: No. Note that in the case multiple Scheme Markers are stacked on top of each other (with nothing else on top of/blocking them) models may draw LoS to all Markers in the stack because Scheme Markers are not blocking.

The Guild

Q: How do stat modifiers, such as Von Schill’s Cracked Condition, work in regards to the Power Loop Condition?
A: This is best illustrated with an example. Imagine a Hunter and a Peacekeeper, both with Power Loop. The Peacekeeper has the Cracked Condition, giving it -1 Df. If the Hunter wishes to use the Peacekeeper’s Df, it will not suffer the -1 Df from Cracked, as that is not a part of the Peacekeeper’s printed Df. However, if the Peaceeper wanted to use the Hunter’s Df, it would replace its Df with the Hunter’s Df and then suffer the -1 from Cracked.

Q: When using Power Loop in conjunction with the Overwhelm Trigger on Sea of Claws, are the penalties to Ml cumulative?
A: Yes. Each Attack taken with Overwhelm applies a further -1 Ml, all of which are applied to each Attack, regardless of Power Loop.

Q: Does the See The Unseen Ability count as an Immunity to the duels it ignores?
A: No, it simply ignores them. Immunity is a game term, as such it would have to be specifically labeled that way


Q: If a Vulture uses Eyes and Ears, and Nicodem uses Undead Crowning, can the Vulture produce the Aura, or does the Aura have to be centered on Nicodem?
A: The Aura must be centered on Nicodem.


Q: If Leveticus uses his Channel Ability at the start of a Charge Action, will he gain the bonus for all Attacks generated during the Charge?
A: Yes. Channel is worded differently than Focus in that it specifies it applies to all duels for the remainder of the Action, so he would gain the bonus to all Attacks during the Charge, as well as any other duels, such as Horror Duels.

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