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4. update beta verze 3. knihy Malifaux 2E

Update s datem 17.02.2015.

Nové modely



  • Dropped Creep TN to 11

Arcane Emissary

  • Elemental Burst rewritten
  • Relentless Charge rewritten
  • Elemental rage and triggers rewritten


  • Stones In My Passway moved to a trigger

Raging Conflux

  • Removed damage from Rage Forth

Wind Gamin

  • Added last line to To the Sky

Raging Conflux

  • Added last line to the wilderness surges



  • Wretched blade and triggers rewritten
  • Upped range on swirling damned to 10 and added last line
  • Dropped TN on infinite rare candy to 14

Conflux of Infamy

  • Dark Energies replaced with Undead Psychosis


  • Upped Wd to 7
  • Hard to Kill replaced with essence drain
  • Curse of the first traitor rewritten
  • All triggers rewritten except slug
  • The Ritual Begins rewritten


Mysterious Emissary

  • Condition removal moved to trigger, and suits adjusted on main attack
  • TN dropped by 1 on summoning and renamed
  • The Lands Hunger rewritten
  • One with the land rewritten
  • Purge added enemy
  • Upped Df to 6

Conflux of Music

  • Rewritten


  • Dropped cost to 8
  • Added Mask to Ml, added Life Drain Trigger, changed suit of To a Pulp
  • Lead Singer rewritten
  • Removed discard from from a whisper to a scream.


  • Added rare 3


  • May only be taken if the Crew contains all of the Boondoggle Seven
  • King of the Delta made a (1)

Conflux of Nightmare

  • All Consuming Nightmare rewritten
  • Beckon the Night added Nightmare characteristic


Brutal Emissary

  • Six-gun trigger reworded
  • Dropped TN on a cage for all to 10

Conflux of Tyranny

  • Rewritten

Conflux of Amalgamation

  • Enhanced Circuitry rewritten

Mounted Guard

  • Overrun replaced with reinforcements
  • Upped Ml to 7

Conflux of Exploration

  • Added Take This

Conflux of Judgment

  • Added not before my coffee
  • Added Guild Marshal to condemnation


Aethereal Conflux

  • Protection of the Soulless rewritten

Scion of the Void

  • The Hollowing rewritten
  • Patterns trigger replaced with new trigger

Ten Thunders

Shadowy Emissary

  • Dragon’s scales rewritten
  • Dragon’s claws rewritten



  • Removed reckless, added hostile work environment
  • My Beatin Wrench changed to damage 2/3/5 and Ml 6, removed trigger
  • Metal Platin rewritten, timing changed, trigger added, made a (0)
  • Wind ‘em Up removed tome from TN
  • Packed with explosives reduced to rg 6
  • Added Getting Creative


  • Hunger pains is after this model fails
  • Added TN to feast and other, reduced pulse to 2

Mechanized Porkchop

  • Dropped to 7 wounds

Ten Thunders

Shadowy Emissary

  • Upped Df to 6
  • Removed Mighty Gust
  • Drgon’s Fangs rewritten

Conflux of Hunger

  • Sweet whispers rewritten



Avatar Shenlong

  • Added Eternal Dragon to both sides
  • Removed protected knowledge
  • Howl of the Dawn upped to 10” Rg, added Trigger

Avatar Justice

  • Swift justice capped at 2 damage

Avatar McMourning

  • Apply liberally only works when declaring guild

Avatar Nicodem

  • Psychopomp reduced to 8 discard

Perdita Avatar

  • Command from on high rewritten

Von Schill Avatar

  • Medic raised to 10”

Rasputina Avatar

  • Hunger Pains rewritten

Avatar Seamus

  • My Pretties cleaned up

Avatar Lilith

  • +1 Wp
  • Added last line to Ours
  • Slow on Primal Vines moved to trigger

  • Pg. 8, Phase 2, Payday, first paragraph rewritten (major changes here)
  • Pg. 9, New Hires, added last line
  • Pg. 16, adding a Master section added
  • Pg. 16, all Bounties rewritten, new Bounties added
  • Pg. 16, Bounties, first paragraph changed so a player can only have one Bounty at a time
  • Pg. 17, Skills, added last line under chart
  • Pg. 21, Starting Anew rewritten
  • Pg. 21, Avatars, added second Paragraph (important)
  • Pg. 24-25, added new hideouts
  • Pg. 23, Grizzled Bartender rewritten (saloon)
  • Pg. 23, Weapon Cash replaced with steady stream of customers (saloon)
  • Pg. 23, Fortified Walls rewritten (Wasteland Outpost)

All Faction Chapters:

  • Removed Master from rewards
  • Dropped RR of first non-Avatar reward to 0
  • All Bounties rewritten

Tento týden bude beta test zaměřen na:

Nové modely


  • Je Mounted Guard kvůli nedávným změnám příliš silný?
  • Jak moc problematická je teleportující se Lady Justice (Conflux of Judgement)?


  • Je Arcane Emissary kvůli nedávným změním příliš silný?
  • Je Ice Dancer příliš pohyblivá vzhledem k tomu, že na konci aktivace může pokládat Marker?
  • Jsou Wind Gaminovy 4 útoky způsobené automatickým trigerem příliš mnoho?


  • Lucky Emissary jako takový. Především ale Ulix a jeho Emissary Upgrade (Conflux of Bacon) a Mechanized Porkchop.


  • Hayreddin prošel v poslední době mnoha změnami a tak potřebuje playtest.
  • Jak se vyvíjejí Emissary upgradey?
  • Tato verze Missingno a The Forgotten Marshal je pravděpodobně finální.


  • Changelings, nějaká příliš silná komba?

Ten Thunders

  • Všechny tři Minioni jsou pravděpodobně o trochu silnější než by měli být.
  • Yan Lo a jeho Emissary Upgrade (Ancestral Conflux).


  • Leveticus a Obsidian Oni.
  • Tara a její Emissary Upgrade (Conflux of Nothingness).
  • The Scion.

Největší obavy

  • Gremlini (Lucky Emissary a Ulix)
  • Lady Justice a její Emissary Upgrade (Conflux of Judgement)
  • Tara a její Emissary Upgrade (Conflux of Nothingness).


Upgradey a Skilly, především ty omezené frakcemi a Those Who Thirst.

17.02.2015 beta verze 3. knihy Malifaux 2E


Pdf se změnami jsou v příslušných složkách a začínají "zz" tak, aby se řadily na konec.

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