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Update beta verze 3. knihy Malifaux 2E s datem 27.01.2015


Změny týkající se nových modelů

Boondoggle Seven

  • Many ability/action name changes
  • All Ml Actions changed to Ca (except Lust and Wrath)
  • Any other changes noted in particular faction section

Ten Thunders

Shadowy Emissary

  • Rolling Thunder gives Focus +1
  • Severe damage dropped to 6
  • The Dragon’s Fangs rewritten
  • Prophecies in Thunder dropped to Focus +1
  • Word of the Emissary rewritten

Conflux of Combat

  • Deconstruction rewritten

Conflux of Hunger

  • Added last line to the hunger calls

Wandering River Monk

  • Dropped df, wp, and wd
  • Dropped ca on leap to 4

Obsidian Oni

  • Severe damage on flames from the heavens dropped to 5
  • Trigger split into two


  • Dropped severe on both attacks

Conflux of Exploration

  • So that’s what that thing did rewritten


Carrion Emissary

  • Rot and Rend dropped moderate to 3, removed poison, added crow to Ca
  • Added Infect Trigger
  • Word of the Emissary rewritten
  • Shards of Kythera rewritten
  • March of the Dead removed last line

Conflux of Death

  • The Dead March Forth remove, new Ability added


  • Curse of the First Traitor rewritten
  • Added a Wound
  • Added “enemy” to Soulcharge
  • Added soulcharge to shotgun
  • The ritual begins rewritten

Lizzy Lovelace

  • Given temporary playtest name (Note: “temporary” lasts until the end of the playtest. You will see the final name upon print.)
  • Vortex is now directly away, name changed to fit model’s temporary playtest name
  • Soul Siphon rewritten
  • A Husk Remains rewritten


  • The soothing call rewritten

Conflux of Infamy

  • Lies of Kythera rewritten


Arcane Emissary

  • Word of the emissary rewritten

The Forgotten Marshal

  • Replaced finish the job with never me

Ice Dancer

  • Removed mask from hydroblade

The Basilisk

  • Made it a minion
  • Feeding reduces condition’s value by 2
  • Added tome to ca
  • Reduced charge to 7


Brutal Emissary

  • Word of the emissary rewritten
  • Back In The Box added non-Leader
  • Tyranny of Order rewritten
  • TN change on a cage for all

Mounted Guard

  • Cavalry charge rewritten
  • Saber upped to Ml 6, new trigger added
  • Mount up rank and file rewritten

Conflux of Amalgamation

  • Rewritten

Conflux of the Hunt

  • Breath of Power lost discard and gained a TN

Master Queeg

  • Slipper and hard to kill removed
  • Thrown in the way added
  • Dropped cost to 8
  • Dropped range on put the fear in em, added minion
  • Put yer backs in it renamed, removed minion
  • Bullwhip replaced with new attack
  • Sadistic Streak rewritten

Sanctioned Spellcaster

  • Charge collar made into a df/wp trigger
  • Added tome to df/wp
  • Changed suits of attack triggers



Lucky Emissary

  • Roll it that way added “unengaged” and “another”
  • Weak damage dropped to 2
  • Reach Into the Hat… crow and mask results rewritten


  • Metal platin rewritten


  • Added trigger to attack
  • Reduced Ca to 3


Mysterious Emissary

  • Word of the emissary rewritten
  • The Lands Hunger, Plant Markers may not be placed on other Markers and the Action may not be taken while two or more Plant Markers are in play
  • Dropped TN of children of the rebirth
  • Prophecies in lightning rewritten

Conflux of Sorrow

  • Added friendly to perfect copy


  • New upgrade


  • Made from a whisper to a scream a (0)


Hodgepodge Emissary

  • Word of the emissary rewritten
  • Traveler’s curse removed
  • The piecing together reduced range

Scion of the Void

  • Forgotten to time rewritten

Aethereal Conflux

  • Ability replaced

Conflux of the Damned

  • Reworked into two upgrades

Monkey’s Paw

  • Rewritten

The Winged Plague

  • Vector rewritten
  • Ml dropped to 4
  • Removed covered in rats for armor
  • The wounds fester rewritten


  • Added other to solo

Big Jake

  • Charge reduced to 6

Změny týkající se kampaně

  • Pg. 4, Injured, added line about models buried at end of game.
  • Pg. 6, Phase 2: Payday rewritten. Lower rated crews increase their maximum allowable Scrip by difference in Crew Ratings. Also players earn an additional barter card if they score 2 or more VP from the strategy.
  • Pg. 8, Hiring Rare Models callout box moved to pg. 9 and rewritten so models with a Rare value above 1 may be hired regardless if they were previously annihilated.
  • Pg. 9, Weekly Operation deleted
  • Pg. 20, slightly reworded summoning rules so they work with Nephilim.
  • Pg. 21, Avatars, Avatar Upgrades add 3 to a Crew’s Campaign Rating instead of 1
  • Pg. 25, Sabotage Bounty dropped to 3.
  • Pg. 33, Strike From Darkness Bounty dropped to 3.
  • Pg. 37, Cursed Wretches Bounty rewritten
  • Pg. 37, The Plague Spreads Bounty replaced
  • Avatar Hoffman, Scrapped Together rewritten.
  • Avatar McMourning, added two new Abilities.
  • Avatar Perdita, Command From On High rewritten.

27.01.2015 Beta verze 3. knihy Malifaux 2E


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