pondělí 6. listopadu 2017

Kooonečně appka od Wyrdu


We are excited to announce the launch of our Malifaux app! This app gives players a chance to track their collection, share Crews, and more!

It's never been easier to track your Malifaux collection. This app brings a clean, easy-to-read list of every model in Malifaux.

You can quickly build different Crews, which can be shared by copying the information to your clipboard or by using a QR code, allowing all of your Crews to be shared in a matter of moments.

Finally, the app lets you start an Encounter with any Crews: yours or one you scan in via a QR code, letting you view all the models, Strategies, and Schemes.

The app makes building a new Crew easy, adding models and Upgrades, all while tracking the total cost and following the game's hiring restrictions.

You can select Schemes and track both players' scores easily in the app, but that's not all. You can also track Wounds and Conditions as the game progresses.

If you want access to the stat cards, it's a one time purchase. Once made, the app delivers every stat card in full detail, including all Abilities and Actions, allowing you to quickly and easily reference models at any time.

When in an Encounter, a model's attached Upgrades will show as a part of its Abilities and Actions. If a model gains an Upgrade or Condition during the game, you can quickly add it.

If you've scanned in your opponent's Crew, it also lets you look at what they've brought to the Encounter, making sure that you have the knowledge you need at your fingertips.

You can go to the app's webpage to get all the information and links you need. Thanks for your support, and happy gaming!

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