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Malifaux errata od ledna 2017

Wyrdos! Hello!

It is time to reveal the January 2017 Malifaux Errata! As I mentioned when I took over Malifaux, the plan is to move away from a bimonthly FAQ and Errata. Instead, we will continue the bimonthly FAQ (in order to address clarity issues), but the Errata is moving to (at most) twice a year. These updates will be in January and in July.

The January Errata is where we will be looking at overall gameplay and trying to make any adjustments we feel are necessary to the health of the game. You can see that in this Errata document. I do not expect this file to be this large again. The July Errata is intended for emergency repairs, in case something major comes up in the meta that is an extremely negative impact on the game.

By shifting to this schedule, we feel that players can more easily know when to look for Errata (once or twice a year is much easier than every other month) and it gives us more time to examine any changes we need to make.

Our errata cards will always be available as a free PDF download and updated on Wargame Vault for print on demand. Our models will continue to come with the old cards until we do a new print run of the model(s) in question, at which point that card will be updated as well.

With that explained, let me dive into a little of the happenings...

As I said, the January Errata is intended to look at long-term game health. It is not exclusively focused on balance; it has a more holistic view of the game. Take, for example, the Tara changes. Most of these changes make her Crew easier to understand for newer players, syncing her hiring options with the way rules that came after she was written work.

It is simple changes like these, along with minor balance adjustments, that are the focus of this update. After six months of playtesting and a lot of discussions, I am very happy with where these changes ended up.


The changes you see below will go into effect January 1st, 2017. They are being provided to you now in case there are any typos or to identify any lack of clarity in the cards. These changes will not be adjusted in any way that affects game balance. No models will be added to this list and none will be taken away.

Thank you, and enjoy!

General Clarity Changes (minor gameplay impact)

Tara: Clarified Stutter Time per FAQ, gained Infiltration (Void).
Void Wretch: Gained the Void Characteristic.
Scion of the Void: Gained the Void Characteristic, lost the now redundant Followers of the Void.
Death Marshal: Gained the Void Characteristic.
Dead of Winter: The now redundant The Darlings has been replaced with The World is Empty.
Brewmaster: Drinking Contest reworded for clarity and to work better with Sensei Yu.
Black Blood Shaman: Changed the Black Blood Condition given by the Blood Infusion trigger to the Black Blood Ability.


Francisco Ortega: El Mayor is now a Condition that ends when Francisco activates or leaves play.
Papa Loco: Hold This is now a Condition that ends when Papa Loco activates or leaves play.
Guild Austringers: Lost enhanced raptor range while focused.
Colette: Prompt is now once per turn per model.
Lenny: No longer gives +Rams to Masters.
Rooster Riders: No longer Reckless.
Rotten Belles: Casting of Lure reduced by 1, Wounds reduced by 1.
Daydreams: Lucid Dreaming rewritten to only apply to one Cast.


Nothing Beast: Became a Henchman, gained the Void Characteristic.
Guardian: Reduced to 7ss cost. Upped minimum damage on the sword to 2.
Lucius: The Austringers sent Lucius a fruit basket with a nice card, and now he doesn't hate them as much. Gained +Mask to Defense (Re: Surprisingly Loyal upgrade). Devil's Deal reduced to 2 damage. Elite Training works on Melee attack and Horror flips of Minions, Mimics, and Guardsmen. Commanding Presence works on all friendly models, range reduced to 12”, TN dropped. Governor's Authority lasts until this model's next Activation. Guild Intelligence made a (0), lost its TN, and now works with all friendly models. TN of Issue Command lowered, Triggers changed around.
The Scribe: Became a Minion. Insignificant changed to The Secretary's Eyes and Ears. Butler now affects all friendly models. Governor's Authority lasts until this model's next Activation. Removed Flurry, gained "Do You Have An Appointment?" Action.
Ironsides: Gained a Tome to her Defense.
Misaki: Deadly Dance changed to a (0) Action, now lasts until the start of Misaki's next activation. Downburst reworded slightly, TN of Defense duel increased. Rolling Thunder Trigger added.
Montresor: The Choking Death now triggers when models activate, instead of at the end of the turn. Gained +2 Wounds. String 'em Up weak damage increased by +1.
Union Miners: Improvised Weapon gained +1 Range. Modified Welder increased to Burning +2. False Claim only discards a Scheme Marker if both are still in play, instead of one Marker no matter what; restriction on only being able to be used when they can Interact changed to only being able to be used when unengaged.

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