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Listopadové FAQ a Errata


Core Rules Questions

Q: When an Attack generates multiple Blast Markers, do all of the Markers need to be placed in base contact with the target?
A: No. Only the first Marker placed must be placed in base contact with the target. Subsequent Markers are placed in base contact with other Blast Markers, but do not need to be placed in base contact with the target (unless the model or Action specifies otherwise).

Actions/Abilities Found Acros Multiple Factions

Q: If a model is moved by the Lure Action and ends in base contact with the Attacker, can it end anywhere in base contact if it has the movement to do so?
A: No. The Lured model moves towards the Attacker by the shortest route possible and stops as soon as it is in base contact.

Q: If a model is pushed “into base contact” with an Incorporeal model, can it move through the Incorporeal model and stop on the other side?
A: No. It stops as soon as base contact is acheived.


Q: Does Kirai need to summon Ikiryo within her LoS when summoning it with the Malevolence Ability?
A: No. Actions which summon require LoS, Abilities do no unless they specify otherwise.



Metal Gamin: Protection of Metal rewritten, Hard to Kill removed:
(1) Protection of Metal: Target friendly non-Metal Gamin model within 3" gains the following Condition until this model takes this Action again: "Metal Protection: This model has Df 6. This model's Df may not be altered by other Abilities, Actions, Upgrades, or Conditions. Remove this Condition immediately if there are no friendly Metal Gamin within 3"."

Ten Thunders

Conflux of Combat: Deconstruction rewritten:
(0) Deconstruction: Push this model up to 3" in any direction, then place a Scrap Marker in base contact with it. Until the end of the Turn, friendly Leaders which target the Scrap Marker with an Action gain +6 Ca for the duration of the Action, and then discard the Marker after completing the Action (if further Actions are generated by a Trigger, the Marker is discarded before declaring them).

Conflux of Thunder: The Thunder Calls rewritten:
The Thunder Calls: Once per Turn, a friendly Master within a8 of this model which kills or sacrifices an enemy model during its Activation may immediately gain 1 additional general AP.

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