středa 11. března 2015

7. a poslední update beta verze 3. knihy Malifaux 2E

Update s datem 10.03.2015.

Nové modely


Flaming Conflux

  • Flame-o-taur rewritten

Arcane Emissary

  • Added may to relentless charge
  • Added enemy to negation

Mechanical Conflux

  • Doesn’t add construct, added new Ability


Conflux of Infamy

  • Removed Undead psychosis, added Fling
  • Upped range on feast of fear


  • Split Gravity Well into two abilities
  • Removed clockwork dress action
  • Added trigger to swirling damned


  • True Strike specifies Ml
  • Wd dropped to 6

Carrion Emissary

  • Range on claims of the dead increased
  • Added non-totem to march of the dead

Conflux of Spirit

  • Added…spirit


Conflux of Sorrow

  • Added non-Leader and Neverborn to Perfect Copy (seriously, try to break this)


Brutal Emissary

  • Changed Ca Attacks to Sh and Ml

Conflux of the Hunt

  • Removed A Breath of Power, added Little Brothers

Ten Thunders


  • Added mask to Ml
  • Upped Vicious Bite to Ml 6

Conflux of Hunger

  • The Hunger Calls rewritten


Mechanized Porkchop

  • Wd dropped to 6
  • Added other to vent boilers


  • Dropped cost to 7
  • Added non-Leader to Wind ‘em Up
  • Upped range of packed with explosives


  • Upped Ca to 4
  • Lowered TN on This Thing Shoots to 9
  • Upped Ml range to 2


  • Lowered Wk to 5
  • Come on in my kitchen rewritten
  • Rhythm rewritten


Scion of the Void

  • Dropped Df to 5 and Wp to 6
  • Added discard to returning home
  • Added non-Peon and “during Activation” (preventing use during enemy obey) to whispers
  • Built in tomes and crows to Ca on empty lessons
  • The true path rewritten and added to hungry emptiness
  • Hungry Emptiness reduced range to 10

Big Jake

  • Upped Cg to 6


Pg. 50
  • Crew Rating rewritten
Pg. 71
  • New page of optional rules added (room for one or two more, suggestions welcome)
Pg. 58
  • My own concoction reduced to Poison +2
Pg. 54-56
  • All equipment heavily revised, read carefully. If you have time to test, the Upgrades on these pages should be your focus. Simply try them out in games if you can.
Pg. 48
  • Junk Markers can’t be used as scrap

Avatar Perdita

  • Ability on back rewritten


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